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Gardiner Museum

Commedia Dell'Arte

Commedia Dell'Arte

Available for education groups of all levels


Harlequin Unmasked

Step onto the stage and unlock the mysteries of Commedia Dell’Arte characters.  Who was Harlequin and Pantaloon? Why did Harlequin carry a stick?  Find out the answers to these and other questions with a hands-on experience at the Gardiner.  Learn about the Italian street plays and view the museum porcelain figures based on these characters. 

This is a half day program aimed at Intermediate and Senior students studying history, English, modern languages, visual arts and drama but can be adapted for students in grade 4 or higher.  The program involves a half hour tour and discussion of our Commedia Dell’Arte Collection followed by a clay workshop with a professional ceramic artist.  Students will get the opportunity to create their favorite Commedia out of clay.

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