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Gardiner Museum

Maiolica, Myth and the Minotaur

Maiolica, Myth and the Minotaur

Grade 4+

The Italian Renaissance


Zeus, Poseidon and Daphne are just some of the Gods, Heroes and Heroines that are illustrated on our pieces from the Italian Renaissance.  Bring your students to the Museum to learn of their fate, as well as the techniques the artists used to create such wonderful illustrations.  These vessels date back as far as the 15th century and have not faded or changed colour since they were made. Learn the reasons behind this and why these types of plates were so desirable.

After your class visits the gallery, they will join a professional potter in the clay studio to create their own 3-dimensional heroic figure or mythical beast from clay.

The Full day option has student completing a scavenger hunt, viewing audio visual presentations and touching artifacts.


This program is recommended for grade 4 and up as a full or half day program.  In particular, it is recommended for those studying Greek and Roman mythology, Italian history, and the renaissance.

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