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Gardiner Museum

Family Day

Family Day

Every Sunday

Ever wonder what to do with your family on a Sunday? Well look no further! Join our mascots Arabella, Ting, Clayton and Nicco, and bring the whole family to the Gardiner for family-friendly activities — free with admission! Kids under 12 are always free (with the accompaniment of an adult). 

Most activities take place in the lobby, but if you don’t see us when you come in, just ask our friendly front desk staff where they are taking place. 

Family Days run from 11 am to 4 pm with activities for children to do on their own or with an adult. Make sure you also check out our discovery boxes, do a scavenger hunt and take some colouring sheets home with you.

We look forward to seeing you here!



SUNDAY AUGUST 30, 2015   |  11 AM – 4 PM

Don’t miss the last day of the RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award. Visit the 3rd floor Special exhibition and choose your favourite artist(s).  Paint a tile to complement their installation. Remember to look at the colours and shapes that were used by the artist when painting your tile! You can paint an object or respond with your own idea.   

SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 6, 2015  |  11 AM – 4 PM

Family Day - July 19

Salinar culture occupied the North Coast of Peru from roughly 500 B.C. to 200 A.D. Join us this Sunday at Family Day to model clay parrots after a Salinar piece from our own collection. Foreign to the north coast fauna, findings such as this ceramic piece and parrot feathers hint at possible trade between Salinar culture and their neighbors in the jungle region. Come and visit our galleries, and discover the history behind this and many other ceramic pieces. 





SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 13, 2015  |  11 AM – 4 PM

Family Day - July 19

Come to Family Day this Sunday and inspired by some of Pixar’s popular animation Inside Out characters, paint some of your favorite emotions on a tile. You can choose from joy, anger, disgust, fear and sadness, but don’t be shy to come up with your own new character!   






SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 20, 2015  |  11 AM – 4 PM

Family Day - July 19

How can you use clay for a fresh version of this iconic image? Come to Family Day this Sunday and join us as we etch Toronto’s skyline on a clay surface! Meet us at the lobby, and with the help of a professional potter, take part in this family friendly activity. Materials and tools will be provided. Don’t miss this great afternoon at the Gardiner Museum.   






SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 27, 2015  |  11 AM – 4 PM

Family Day - July 19

Europe’s fascination with porcelain resulted in different tin-glazed pottery styles. Blue and white pottery known as Delftware became the Netherlands popular version of the less accessible porcelain. Come to the Gardiner Museum this Sunday and visit our British Delftware Gallery to see some great examples of this ceramics tradition. Pick your favorite blue and white motif, and with your family, paint tiles at our Family Day table. We will be in the lobby, come and find us!   








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