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Gardiner Museum

Family Day

Family Day

Every Sunday

Ever wonder what to do with your family on a Sunday? Well look no further! Join our mascots Arabella, Ting, Clayton and Nicco, and bring the whole family to the Gardiner for family-friendly activities — free with admission! Kids under 12 are always free (with the accompaniment of an adult). 

Most activities take place in the lobby, but if you don’t see us when you come in, just ask our friendly front desk staff where they are taking place. 

Family Days run from 11 am to 4 pm with activities for children to do on their own or with an adult. Make sure you also check out our discovery boxes, do a scavenger hunt and take some colouring sheets home with you.

We look forward to seeing you here!




SUNDAY JUNE 7, 2015 | 11 AM - 4 PM

Family Day - June 7

Have you ever tried blowing ink with a straw? The results may be much more surprising than what you expect. This Sunday at Family Day we will experiment with ink blowing on tiles. Find all the rare and unexpected shapes that come from blowing onto your piece. To look at a variation on this technique, visit our Japanese collection in the second floor! You will find a blue and white ink blown piece. Look carefully, you may come up with some great ideas for our next tile-painting day!


SUNDAY JUNE 14, 2015  |  11 AM – 4 PM

Family Day - June 14

Father’s Day is coming up next Sunday. Have you thought of a gift for your dad? If you would like to create something original and fun, come to Family Day this Sunday. Join our clay table and with the help of a potter make a clay frame using different textures and shapes. Frame that picture and you will have the best gift for your dad!






SUNDAY JUNE 21, 2015  |  11 AM – 4 PM

Family Day - June 21

Summer Solstice is here! In the northern hemisphere, June 21st signals the beginning of summer. As the earth comes closest to the sun, this day stretches into the longest of the year with approximately 16 hours of daylight. Make the most out of this day and come the Gardiner Museum to decorate tiles with summer solstice motifs. For this special Sunday, we will use a combination of paint and tissue cut outs. Happy summer solstice!




SUNDAY JUNE 28, 2015  |  11 AM – 4 PM

Family day - May 24

Spring is here and you can start seeing the signs, like flowers and birds. One bird that appears around this time is especially easy to recognize for its bright red chest colour. Can you guess which one? The robin! Join us in the lobby this Sunday for a tile painting Family Day where we will celebrate the season by painting robins.









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