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Gardiner Museum



November 19 - December 11, 2011

A favourite Toronto holiday tradition, this exhibition of Christmas trees designed by the city's top interior designers and architects will dazzle you and your family! This year's trees will be adorned to the theme of "All Creatures Great and Small."


Anne Swain and Christine Ecclestone
Annabelle's Interior Design Inc.

Anne Swain(ARIDO/IDC) is the principal designer, of Annabelle’s Interior Design Inc., specializing in private homes, condominiums, executive offices, legal and financial institutions throughout Ontario, Nova Scotia, New York, Ireland and the UK.

Anne’s trademark style is traditional with a modern element that complements the lifestyles of her clientele.  To create a magical place that is an individual backdrop for beautiful objects is Anne’s philosophy; a client should surround themselves with pieces they love and not to be influenced by trends.  Blending antiques with contemporary pieces and fine fabrics defines comfort and elegance.  Most significantly, she believes the client’s home should reflect them, not a designer’s signature look.

Christine Ecclestone is a graduate of The International Academy of Design and Technology Toronto.  Christine draws her experiences from her background in art, sales and antiques.  She enjoys the challenge of blending traditional with modern and lifestyles with colour.  Her love of textiles, architecture, history and travel provides an unique twist to the familiar.

A Tribute to James Herriot & All Creatures Great and Small

James Herriot is the pen name of James Alfred Wight, OBE, FRCVS, an English veterinary surgeon and writer.  He is best known for his semi-autobiographical stories, All Creatures Great and Small, a title used in his books, film and television adaptations.

As a vet in Yorkshire, England, during the 1940's; James was assigned to the already successful practice of brothers Siegfried and the mischievous Tristan Farnon. James experienced a variety of adventures during his work, which were just as often caused by the characters of the county as the animals in his care.

“A farmer once told me one of the greatest luxuries of his life was to wake up early only to go back to sleep again.”

We encourage you to read his books, they are timeless favourites...

All Creatures Great and Small
All Things Bright and Beautiful
All Things Wise and Wonderful
And many, many, more...

Website: www.jamesherriot.org

Tristan Fuller and Alana Boychuk

BOYCHUK + FULLER is a design firm that believes good design is good space. Principals Alana Boychuk and Tristan Fuller design contextually sensitive places, balancing programme with the creation of satisfying environments. A collaborative approach enables the firm to workshop design problems in a thoughtful, effective and enduring way. Their studio is located in Toronto. Their projects are here, there and everywhere.


 “Like the resource it seeks to protect, wildlife conservation must be dynamic, changing as conditions change, seeking always to become more effective.”

“The human race is challenged more than ever before to demonstrate our mastery, not over nature but of ourselves.”
-Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

Cobi Ladner

Cobi Ladner, past editor of Canadian House & Home magazine, is one of the country’s leading design and decorating authorities.  After an enormously successful tenure at H&H, Cobi has now developed her own brand concept in the home and lifestyle arena called none other than cobistyle.  Cobi's unique and spirited point of view can be seen in her product line which includes everything from drapery to furniture to accessories.  Newly launched in 2011, it is enjoying great success in stores across Canada and in many US states.  Visit www.cobistyle.com to learn more.

It’s a Small World After All

Christmas is the one time of year when the world seems to pause for a few moments, and becomes a tiny bit gentler - to our neighbours; to far- away strangers;  and to all creatures, great and small.

Del Weale
of Del Weale Interior Design and Suzanne Davison

Great interior design fundamentally addresses one‘s tastes and needs by creating esthetically pleasing and practicable spaces. For over 25 years Del Weale Interior Design has created some of the most beautiful living and working environments that are as unique as its clients. Live your dream; contact delwealeinteriordesign.com. Del has been involved with the Gardiner Museum decorating trees for over 20 years.

Suzanne‘s style is best described as comfortable, timeless and classic; a formula that results in a casual elegance that stands the test of time. She is proud to have participated in The Twelve Trees of Christmas for more than 20 years. To see more of Suzanne‘s work, visit her webpage: www.suzannedavison.com

A Partride in a Pear Tree

Our tree is topped with a gathering of elegant jeweled partridges.  The remainder of the tree is adorned with pale green varied shaped balls with glittering scroll work detail, along with sequined covered pale green pears and silver toole throughout the branches. A bejeweled feast for the eyes.

Janet Williams of Janet Williams Interiors
with Lorenzo DeCurtis of DeCurtis Design

A graduate of York University, Janet Williams has been creating sophisticated, yet comfortable spaces for a loyal clientele for more than 15 years.

Specializing in the residential sector, past projects have taken her from Hong Kong to England, and across Ontario. Her work has been featured in print and on television, and most recently in the Panache book publication "Spectacular Homes of Toronto". Janet approaches each new project with enthusiasm, creativity, and attention to detail.

DeCurtis Design Inc., a Toronto-based interior design firm, was established in 2003 by principal Lorenzo DeCurtis. DeCurtis Design Inc. is dedicated to fulfilling the desires of their clients’ needs by creating interiors that provide beauty, comfort and functionality. Since its inception DeCurtis Design Inc. has provided exceptional spaces for residential, corporate and hospitality clientele.

Uccelli in Cielo

As a contemporary twist on the classic "Hark the Herald Angels Sing", Janet Williams Interiors and DeCurtis Design offer "Uccelli in Cielo".

All the birds of the heavens announce and rejoice at the news of the birth of the Christ child.

Julia West and Isabella Dabrowiecki
Julia West Home

The story of Noah's Ark is represented by hand-cut balsa wood silhouettes of many animals that will march around the tree, two by two, up ladders and into the Ark at the top. The tree will sparkle like rain drops and the base will remind us of the mountains that were flooded.

Noah's Ark

Born in England, Julia West drew early design inspiration from the Arts and Crafts area in London where she spent her childhood. Growing up, Julia constantly manipulated shape, colour and texture into endless designs for her room, clothes, classrooms, buses, trains, clocks, stairways and many other things - stretching the tolerance of parents and teachers alike.  Julia came to Canada as a young adult, attained a law degree and practiced law in Toronto for just over 20 years. Through her years of travel, schooling and work, she never gave up her love of design; imagining shape, colour and texture and creating and experimenting to indulge these interests.

In starting her own company in 1998, Julia's imagination has been freed to span the high points of design history, bringing the best of past traditions into the present. She delights in presenting pieces that resonate with people, evoking cherished childhood memories or drawing together favourite styles. Above all, she is a creative problem solver, helping to answer the needs of clients with furnishings and decorative elements that seamlessly blend the practical with the inspirational.

A graduate of OCAD in Material Art and Design: Textiles, Isabella Dabrowiecki has worked with Julia West for the past ten years. Isabella loves fabrics and trims; a true fabric junkie!

Isabella specializes in colour matching and sourcing with a particular expertise in colour forecasting research. Understanding how things are made and how they function, in conjunction with her knowledge of the fabrics and their design applications means that Isabella has become an invaluable resource here at Julia West Home and is sought after by our clients. "I love the challenge brought in by a new client when they have an idea of a look but no idea how to achieve it", says Isabella. Isabella's creativity combined with her skills means that she has a reputation for designing soft furnishings and furniture that not only suits her clients' lifestyle but also enhances it.

Michelle Mawby
Lucid Interior Design Inc.

Michelle Mawby is the driving force behind Lucid Interior Design creating environments that reflect the lifestyle, personality and expectations of her clients.  Michelle’s trademark ingenuity landed her a lead role on Discovery Channel’s Junk Raiders as well as several guest appearances on daytime television. Currently, Michelle is the resident design expert on the much anticipated Marilyn Denis Show on CTV. As a regular featured designer in print and popular blogger, Michelle takes her clients and followers to stylish hot spots, sharing her insider designer secrets and creating some of the most spectacular homes in the city. Having previously lived and practiced in Amsterdam, London, California and Canada’s West Coast before making Toronto her home, Michelle draws on her extensive travels and continuing studies in design, history and architecture to craft highly personalized spaces with functionality in mind, ensuring livable elegance down to the smallest detail.

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Glittering and enveloped with bright & beautiful butterflies, dragonflies, and all being winged, All Things Bright & Beautiful celebrates all creatures great & small.

Robert King, Karen King and Jasmine King-Niit
Norma King Design Inc

Norma King Design has been an international award-winning firm that has been in business for over 30 years. Principals Robert King, Karen King and their team specialize in Marketing/Sales Centres and Models for developers of luxury rental apartments, estate homes and condominium complexes. Their work is mainly concentrated in Toronto and New York City.

We Are All A Twitter

"Flash Tweet" - A flock of feathers have flashed mobbed at the Gardiner Museum!

Our tree is a 7'- 6" Pine tree with snow flocking, that will be decorated with almost 100 life like birds of varying colours, blue, green, speckled etc... There will also be a "lichen garland", bird’s nests, decorative eggs with a  decorative wreath tree topper and birds nest base.

Theresa Casey, Christy Keast, Kari Serrao and Gwen Law
Casey Design/Planning Group Inc.

Established 16 years ago, Casey Design is an accredited, award-winning interior design firm that specializes in personalized residential interiors that are both comfortable and sophisticated. The team at Casey Design, led by Theresa Casey and including Christy Keast and Kari Serrao, practices a strategic and creative design process which is informed by careful observation and thorough research, and is nurtured by working closely and collaboratively with the client.

Casey Design Group has been honoured with a Gold Award of Excellence from the Association of Registered Interior Designers (Canada).  Its work has been widely published since the 1990's - Theresa Casey was selected as a leader in residential design in Canadian House and Home magazine's 20th Anniversary  Millenium issue and Toronto Life has chosen Ms. Casey's firm as one of the top 10 residential design firms in their Annual Home and Garden City Guide.  Casey has been featured in the Globe and Mail, The National Post and the Toronto Star.

"All of my projects are a reflection of my clients' families and lifestyles.  No two projects in my portfolio are alike.  I approach each project with a fresh eye to create interiors that are original in design, highly detailed in execution, and that challenge my own imagination and boundaries.

Elephant Love

Elephants have been bejeweled as the bearers of Maharajas and as stalwart workers for over 3000 years.  These gentle giants are favoured among children and adults alike, and embody the sentiments that centre on the spirit of Christmas.  Elephants personify the family unit and the magic of the love that is created within it. This is the inspiration for our Elephant Love Tree.

"Love will draw an elephant through a keyhole"
Samuel Richardson

Camal Pirbhai, Kate Hardy
Gallery Bespoke

Swiss-raised, Camal’s demand for the highest quality product is inherent.  His craftsmanship walks a fine balance between European quality and North American style.Camal apprenticed and worked in London, England, where he learned the art of hand sewing curtains and the intricacies of window treatments.

Camal started Studio La Beauté in 1994 hand-making and installing premium window treatments. Today, you can see his work in the most luxurious of locations – from ballrooms to bedrooms around the world.He started Gallery Bespoke as place to explore new ways of designing unique home furnishings, and to showcase collaborations with different artists and artisans. You can see some of Camal’s more artistic works at the Yorkville gallery.

Kate Hardy's unique and inspired take on floral design is purely "intuitive". Introduced to the creative world of flowers and all things living at a young age by her mother, a former florist and Ontario rose grower, Kate has taken what comes naturally and translated it into living works of art. With a commitment all things local, Kate makes every effort to use Ontario and Canadian flowers in her designs. She is the owner of Kate Hardy Flowers located in the old Woods building in up and coming, artsy, Leslieville and at only 25 she is quickly being regarded as the hottest new floral designer in Toronto.

Christmas My Deer

With the obvious resemblance to an antler, we’ve taken a naked winter tree and added touches of shimmer and life in clusters of sculptural mosses and cut glass to its branches.  “Christmas, my deer” elegance and style cannot be overlooked during this festive season...

Robert Tanz
Robert Tanz Interior Design

Robert Tanz studied architecture at the University of Toronto and fashion design in Milan, Italy, where he worked for several years as a designer for Gianni Versace. Combining these two disciplines, he founded his interior design business in Toronto 12 years ago. Specializing in residential projects, Tanz brings his sophisticated sensibility to every undertaking.

The Snow Creature

Most birds fly south for the winter, but these rugged airborne snow creatures hunker down and survive the long, cold season. Either blending into their snowy surroundings, or standing out with bright plumage, they brighten the dark days of winter, giving us inspiration, and cheering us through the bleakest days with their colour and song. Darting among the pine and spruce trees, they are a welcome glimpse of life in a dormant landscape.

Susan Taylor of Susan Taylor Interior Design and
Katherine Burke of Katherine Burke Design

Susan Taylor is principal of Susan Taylor Interior Design, specializing in residential design. A graduate of the International Academy of Merchandising and Design, Susan draws experience from a rich background in advertising, real estate law, and sales.

Her projects can be found spanning Canada, USA and Bahamas.

Katherine Burke is principal of Katherine Burke Interior Design, a consulting firm established in 1979. A graduate of the School of Interior Design at Ryerson Polytechnic University in Toronto, she combines a background in university-level teaching, corporate planning, the design of model suites and condominium public spaces, and the design of residential interiors.

The Twelve Dogs of Christmas

With a few revisions to this traditional Christmas song, the designers were inspired to create a “dog-on” fun song…. and tree!

On the 12 Days of Christmas, my true love gave to me:

12 Westies Wagging
11 Pugs a Snorking
10 Labs a Leaping
9 Dalmatians Dancing
8 Mutts a Munching
7 Schnauzers Singing
6 Bassets Laying (on a sad face)
5 Gol-den Re-trievers
4 Collie dogs
3 French Poodles
2 Shi Tzhus
And a naughty puppy under the tree!

From top to bottom, the tree is filled with all of those things that dogs could wish for……. toys, bones, things to snuggle with, fun collars and leashes, even a Cat or two to chase!!

Ralph Neal and Jonathon Neal,
Upper Canada House Ltd.

Ralph Neal and Jonathon Neal of Upper Canada House Ltd. are pleased to be involved in our 21st Twelve Trees of Christmas. For 45 years, Upper Canada House has been providing residential

interior solutions with care to fulfill our client‘s aspirations. We are proud of our involvement with the Twelve Trees as well as our numerous contributions to the Junior League of Toronto‘s show houses

Ships of the Desert

Our tradition of giving Christmas gifts did not start on the backs of reindeer but on the back of the lowly camel. The transportation used over the sands of time brining exotic trade from the east to the west. The often depicted steed of the “Wise men” of the east the camel delivered the first gifts of Christmas, gold, frankincense and myrrh to a small stable in Bethlehem.   

A private donor has generously donated this tree to the YMCA Beatrice House

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