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Gardiner Museum



The Gardiner Museum is an inviting destination that inspires
and connects people, art and ideas through clay.

With the generous support of our members we are able to present stimulating exhibitions and offer engaging programs to a broad and diverse public, as well as unique hands-on clay programs.

Engage, Learn, Shop, Play and Create.
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Our permanent galleries showcase exciting contemporary exhibits as well as historic and modern collections. Our George R. Gardiner Exhibition Gallery (located on our third floor) is where you will find our special exhibitions designed to offer you a visually compelling, memorable and educational experience.

We offer a variety of clay classes in our studios that are designed for all ages and abilities, and our classes are taught by professional ceramic artists.

Members save on all classes, exhibition related programs, on their purchases at the Gardiner Shop… and more!
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“As a long-time supporter and member of the Gardiner, I wanted to pass along my congratulations to whomever it was who came up with the idea of inviting Joanne Tod to create her ‘intervention’ on the Gardiner collection.  I was delighted to visit yesterday and engage in what became a magic mystery tour of the permanent collection, seeking out Joanne’s work.  Every piece caused me to look anew at its source of inspiration and to appreciate the source from a different perspective.  I enjoyed Joanne’s sense of humour and was intrigued by her choices. 

I wish that this intervention, which takes up so little ‘floor space’ (with the exception of the vitrine in the entry), were continued for more time so that all the membership could be encouraged to participate in this adventure.  It is a great way to re-evaluate the existing works through new eyes.

Although I have another commitment on Oct. 16th, I am still hoping to join the tour.  It would also be fun to hear Joanne speak at lunch about her choices, motivation, and process.

I hope that this initiative will be continued with other artists in the future.

I was also so impressed with the new show THE VASE PROJECT and GO EAST which I caught yesterday in preview.  It is stunning.  I will be back to see both these shows again, and likely again.

Although I have never written you before, I want you to know that the Gardiner has enriched my life and stretched my imagination, giving me unforgettable images and new ideas for the past 20 years.  Thank you.”

- Susanne Palmer, Contributing Member since 2000.


“One of the greatest gifts I ever received was my membership to the Museum. It has enriched my life in many ways. I am proud to be a part of this important Toronto institution.”

 – Janet Gula, Member since 1998.

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