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Gardiner Museum






C Design
Christine Ecclestone-McCurry

Shiny, small, and tiny light flakes
sticking on your hair and face;

Pink, gold, silver, blue
see them sparkle like morning dew,
holding them I think of you.

I see your face in every fragment,
moving in the light, like fairy’s wings,
lacy webs of shimmering sunlight.

Dedicated to Gordon and George


Christine Ecclestone McCurry is a graduate of The International Academy of Design and Technology Toronto.  Her creativity draws from a background in art, sales and antiques.  Enjoying the challenge of blending modern trends and lifestyles with her love of architecture, history, travel and colour gives her designs balance and a unique edge.  Discovering new pairings and inspirations with new and beloved traditional fabrics and textiles; her main goal is to provide clients with the feeling of harmony and proportion, creating an atmosphere that it is wholly the client’s own for their home.  This is Christine’s sixth year with the Gardiner Museum Twelve Trees and is honoured to be a part of this worthy and creative event.  Twelve Trees is now the kick off to her own family holiday season tradition.


Leon Frazer & Associates have generously donated this tree
to Youth Without Shelter 


Gumdrops & Lollipop

Cobi Ladner

Children, Christmas, and Candy go together, and this tree is sure to delight! We’ve chosen a pink, flocked tree that reminds us of candy floss and decorated it with - you guessed it - gumdrops and lollipops! Some edible and some not. The base of the tree is surrounded by colourful cushions and children’s books in keeping with the theme. A truly scrumptious take on Christmas - this tree promises to be nothing but sweet!


Cobi Ladner, past editor of Canadian House & Home magazine, is one of the country’s leading design and decorating authorities. After an enormously successful tenure at H&H, Cobi has now developed her own brand concept in the home and lifestyle arena called none other than cobistyle. Cobi's unique and spirited point of view can be seen in her product line which includes everything from drapery to furniture to accessories. Newly launched in 2011, it is enjoying great success in stores across Canada and in many US states. Visit cobistyle.com to learn more.


Frank Bowman and Aaron Milrad have generously donated this tree
to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre



Glad Tidings

Del Weale Interior Design – Del Weale
Suzanne Davison Interior Design Inc. – Suzanne Davison

Glad tidings to you, glad tidings we bring, glad tidings to the entire world. Shiny, glittered, and bright orange balls with presents scattered around the tree. Creeping frosted orange ivy captures the style and the sparkle of the season in a new daring way!


Great interior design fundamentally addresses one‘s tastes and needs by creating esthetically pleasing and practicable spaces. For over 25 years Del Weale Interior Design has created some of the most beautiful living and working environments that are as unique as its clients. Live your dream; contact delwealeinteriordesign.com. Del has been involved with the Gardiner Museum decorating trees for over 20 years.

Suzanne‘s style is best described as comfortable, timeless and classic; a formula that results in a casual elegance that stands the test of time. She is proud to have participated in The Twelve Trees of Christmas for more than 20 years.


Julia West and Richard Wernham have generously donated this tree
to Gilda’s Club



The Grinch Christmas Tree

Earthwork Floral Design
Bert Browne

I selected the most bitter, grouchy, cave-dwelling creature I could find with a heart ‘two sizes too small,’ perched up high on a snowy mountaintop just north of Whoville to remind us all of what it truly means to give. With a deviant plan to destroy Christmas for all Whos big and small, he instead reminds us that while all the presents, caroling, holiday trim, and dinners are quite nice perhaps it’s about more? Perhaps, it is most about whatever ‘means a bit more’ to you, and ‘grows your heart suddenly three sizes larger.’


Born and raised on the tropical island of Trinidad at the foot of the Caribbean, Bert comes naturally to the world of floral design. After coming to Canada and graduating from art school, he trained at the famed Toronto floral studio, Sissinghurst, under the formidably talented Richard Hayter whose creativity, generosity of spirit and deep love of flowers and design were a source of daily inspiration.

Indeed the guiding spirit of Richard, who passed away in 1995, continues to inspire and influence Bert.

Launched by Bert Browne in 1999 Earthwork Floral Design began to make an immediate impression with its sound grasp of technique and refined contemporary design sensibility. Earthwork’s reputation for customer care and innovative design has been the cornerstone of its success.


The Black Family Foundation has generously donated this tree



The Galaxy

Hilary Farr Design
Hilary Farr

Little Aliens and Martians everywhere are hoping that Santa will visit their planets and galaxies this year! Our concept is inspired by the sheer wonder and brilliance of intergalactic space. The darkness of the night sky, infused with stars bursting with twinkling light, and space dust sparkling with an astonishing spectrum of colours. Along with Robots, Aliens and Spaceships of all different shapes and sizes, our tree is our light hearted guess at what Santa may find during his journey spreading Holiday Cheer throughout the universe. He may cross galaxies light years away but, our brilliant blue globe, our little planet Earth, will always be home. The holidays are a time to hope for Peace on Earth, and in our case, hope for Peace in Space.


Hilary Farr is the co-star of the long-running hit show “ Love It Or List It ” airing on Canada's W Network,  and on HGTV US in The United States and is a sought after speaker for home shows, design, renovation and real estate trade events.

Hilary honed her talent and her skills with properties in, London, England, California, New York and Toronto. She continues to build and design homes in Toronto where she herself owns properties. "I love making houses into homes, watching families embrace their new lives, and knowing that I contributed to their happiness. My clients are from both sides of the border, some of whom have been with me from the day they were married to their fourth home and now their fourth child!"

Above all, Hilary prides herself on being a function first, practical designer and listening to and relating to the personalities of her clients. Drama, glamour and functionality are Hilary Farr's trademarks.

Hilary lives in downtown Toronto with three cats, and her beloved dog, Mimi.


Gail & Ian Brooker, Ellen & Brian Carr, Wanda & Geoff Crickmay, and Pearl & Dominic D’Alessandro have generously donated this tree to ECCUHOME






Gazing in Wonder at the First Snowfall

Julia West Home
Julia West and Isabella Dabrowiecki

We imagined the excitement of gazing delightedly at the first luminous snowfall with our hands around a mug of hot cocoa. Decorative elements in frosty white, cream and silver. Rustic and natural elements; pinecones, acorns, birch bark and burlap, and trimmings of holly and boxwood. All crisp and coloured as a walk through new snow.


Well, for starters, we design, create and select materials and products that will create comfort, delight your eye and heart and resonate with you, approaching every project, small or large, with enthusiasm and close attention to detail. A broad knowledge of decorative arts aids inventive design solutions for today.

Dreaming and problem solving to achieve those goals for every room in your home, garden or at your workspace are central to our approach. Curiousity; about uses and properties of materials are important. So too the scouring and snooping for textiles, furniture, lightingand other elements needed to address your goals. Then the fun begins; we manipulate our findings, share them with you and listen to your thoughts and dreams. Our goal is to ensure the combination of grace, comfort and usefulness that you have asked for, to satisfy your needs and fulfill your dreams.


Lisa & Paul Kirk have generously donated this tree
to Trillium Health Centres






A Georgian Christmas

Kate Thornley-Hall

Inspired by the newest addition to the Royal Family, Prince “George”, our tree takes on a traditional English style. Christmas in England is still celebrated with romance, bright lights and tastefully decorated store windows with fairy tale themes. Our bright, colourful, old-fashioned, “antique” decorations are inspired by the Victorian period’s embracing of Christmas trees. After Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were featured as the cover story for the Christmas issue of The London Illustrated News in 1846, the masses joined in, and our contemporary idea of the Christmas tree was born. They became a child’s delight, with toys hidden in branches, bright lights, and shiny glass ornaments. Trees reached to the ceiling and became not only decorative but a status symbol, dripping in jewel like objects, gilt, and tinsel. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

A special thanks to Hudson's Bay for donating the majority of these decorations.

Interior Designer Kate Thornley-Hall, is a London-trained, Toronto-based designer who has a unique eye for creating sophisticated yet lively interiors. After working with the renowned stylist Ann Boyd in Creative Services at Ralph Lauren’s London offices, Kate launched her own interior design and antique sourcing company, SourceUK, in London in 1992. Upon returning to Canada a few years ago, Kate launched her eponymous Interior Design business in Toronto followed by her signature line of carpets, the Kate Thornley-Hall Collection, in 2007. Since then she has worked with such artists and designers as Eric Mathew, Virginia Johnson and Smythe to build a collection whose mission is to bring contemporary art and design into interiors. 2012 marks Kate’s entry into the world of decorative accessories and the expansion of her signature brand.


TD Bank Group has generously donated this tree
to the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation






Knar Jewellery
Jeff Buzbuzian, Myra Kaster, Sandi Wilder

As jewellers we are inspired by the unparalleled beauty that comes from deep within the earth and sea. These miracles of nature romance us as they come together at this festive time of year. The crystal structure of snowflakes, the unique beauty of gems, and the warmth of pearls create harmony and peace embodying the spirit of the season.


Knar Jewellery is family owned and specializes in exquisite jewellery, watches and accessories from around the world.

Since 1979, Knar Jewellery has respected and practiced the time honoured traditions involved in creating fine jewelled works of art. Their state of the art studio/workshop employs experienced goldsmiths that have passion for their craft. The services offered are unique custom designs and fabrication, complete jewellery and watch servicing, restorations and certified gemological appraisals.

Knar Jewellery has locations are in Toronto, Oakville, Waterloo and Guelph and is proud to support these communities through their valuable charities.

Sandi, Jeff and Myra can be found at Toronto’s Yorkville location.


Bruce Etherington & Associates with London Life have generously donated this tree to Context with Lorna Dueck at the CBC Building



G is for Gingerbread

Lucid Interior Design Inc.
Michelle Mawby

Michelle Mawby of Lucid Interior Design and her team have constructed a scale model Gingerbread House of the new children’s hospice, Emily’s House. Lavishly decorated as a candy-filled winter wonderland, this whimsical interpretation of a tree was lovingly created to bring joy to the children residing at Emily’s House during the Christmas season. Arlene Lott generously prepared the gluttonous quantities of gingerbread needed to build the home and Michelle was helped with the sugar-filled hours of decorating (and sampling) by Amber Bassels and Barbara Milner.


Michelle Mawby is the driving force behind Lucid Interior Design, creating environments that reflect the lifestyle and personalities of her clients.  Michelle is the host and designer for the new show 'Weekend Reno' on Cottage Life network. Having lived and practiced in Amsterdam, London, California and Canada’s West Coast before making Toronto her home, Michelle draws on her extensive travels and continuing studies in design, history and architecture to craft highly personalized spaces, always putting functionality first and ensuring livable elegance down to the smallest detail.


Lindy Barrow has generously donated this tree to Emily’s House



All that Glitters is Gold

Norma King Design Inc.
Robert King, Karen King, Jasmine King-Niit

Norma King Design Inc., in our 25th year of participation in this wonderful event, has created a new version of our first tree. Twenty five years ago the first Gardiner Museum Twelve Trees theme was “The Colours of Christmas” and we were asked to do a tree in Gold. Our pretty tree was covered in gold angels and grapes. This year’s event theme - “G” is for Gardiner, has inspired us to create a new version of our first tree. All of the decorations are also gold this time around with a different twist; from the exotic and beautiful to quirky and unusual. The tree has a glow of the holiday spirit, glittery, merry, and bright.


Norma King Design has been an international award-winning firm that has been in business for over 30 years. Principals Robert King, Karen King and their team specialize in Marketing/Sales Centres and Models for developers of luxury rental apartments, estate homes and condominium complexes. Their work is mainly concentrated in Toronto and New York City.


This tree will be auctioned at the 12 Trees G Party


G is for Giangurgolo:
A Commedia Dell’Arte Christmas

Robert Tanz Design
Robert Tanz

Inspired by the Gardiner’s collection of porcelain Commedia dell’arte figurines, this tree celebrates the colourful and comical characters that have endured throughout the centuries, since Renaissance Italy. Hilarious Harlequin, the sad Pierrot, the swashbuckling Capitano, and clever Columbine all make appearances centre stage.


Robert Tanz studied architecture at the University of Toronto and fashion design in Milan, Italy, where he worked for several years as a designer for Gianni Versace. Combining these two disciplines, he founded his interior design business in Toronto12 years ago. Specializing in residential projects, Tanz brings his sophisticated sensibility to every undertaking.


Burgundy Asset Management have generously donated this tree



Gnomes, Gremlins and Christmas!
What Trickery Lurks in the Forest!

Susan Taylor Interior Design – Susan Taylor
Katherine Burke Design – Katherine Burke

Inspired by The Goblins’ Christmas by Elizabeth Anderson, published in 1908, the tree is filled with witty Goblins, Gnomes, and Gremlins who enjoy playing pranks on one another, and Santa too! Watch out! They may try to trick you! Despite the trickery, these strange little creatures happily make their homes within the tree’s roots and branches, bountiful with fruit and berries.


Susan is sole proprietor of Susan Taylor Interior Design. With over 24 years of experience and as a member of ARIDO, she specializes in the design, renovation and restoration of fine residential properties.

Susan’s clients find that her designs enhance not only the interiors of their homes but also enrich their lives.  By understanding the client’s lifestyle, dreams and requirements as well as the building itself, she brings all the elements together to create a comfortable, relaxing and rejuvenating environment.  It’s a design philosophy that has earned her repeat clients and glowing referrals.  Her work can be found in Canada, United States, the Bahamas and Japan.

Katherine Burke, a member of ARIDO, is principal of Katherine Burke Interior Design, a consulting firm established in 1979 to design residential and corporate interiors with a specialty in the public spaces of condominiums. She has worked personally with boards of over 40 condominiums to revitalize their properties with design solutions unique to each.


Four Friends of Helen Gardiner generously donated this tree
to SickKids Foundation



G is for Giving

Upper Canada House Ltd.
Ralph Neal, Jonathon Neal

Christmas is a time for giving – giving love, warmth, joy, friendship, as well as time. When the real gift was given at Christmas angels, shepherds, and wise men brought gifts of song, worship, and sharing. May you delight in giving this Christmas.


Ralph Neal and Jonathon Neal of Upper Canada House Ltd. are pleased to be involved in our 22nd Twelve Trees of Christmas. For 45 years, Upper Canada House has been providing residential interior solutions with care to fulfill our client‘s aspirations. We are proud of our involvement with the Twelve Trees as well as our numerous contributions to the Junior League of Toronto‘s show houses.

1609306 Ontario Inc. has generously donated this tree


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