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Gardiner Museum

2012 Annual Members Campaign

2012 Annual Members Campaign

Jun Kaneko Purchase and Installation

Update: We have reached our goal!

Thanks to the generosity of our members we have reached our goal of raising the final $30,000 needed to acquire a monumental piece of sculpture by the world-renowned ceramic artist Jun Kaneko for installation on the front steps of the Museum.  We are truly grateful for every contribution that has been made to this exciting project, and look forward to informing you of the sculpture’s arrival at the Gardiner in the spring of 2013!


Jun Kaneko

Jun Kaneko (American, born Japan 1942) studied painting in his native Japan as a young man. In 1963, he moved to the United States where he studied ceramics with a number of influential artists from the California School, including Peter Voulkos and Paul Soldner. Although Kaneko is best known for creating large-scale ceramic sculptures and installations, painting has remained an important part of his artistic practice throughout his career.  In recent years Kaneko has also branched out to design opera sets and costumes for several productions in Omaha, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Vancouver.

Few ceramic artists work on a monumental scale and have the international renown of Jun Kaneko. His work is stunningly beautiful and technically flawless.

The head being created for the Gardiner will be decorated with horizontal bands of black and white glaze. It will stand ~5.5’ tall and has been designed to withstand Canadian winter.  The sculpture will be lit and monitored with video surveillance.


Thank you for your already generous support of the Gardiner Museum. Your contribution to this acquisition will help animate University Avenue and make a meaningful contribution to the celebration of public art in our community.


Donor List

Alexandra Montgomery
Alice Williams
Amy Digout
Anne Harker
Anne Harper - In Memory of Nancy Brady
Audrey Wos
Barbel Erhardt
Barbara Goldring
Barbara McDonald
Bernice A. Klasky
Bette Ounjian
Betty Carter
Blair Carter & Maurie Todd
Botho & Susan von Bose
Brian Wilks
Bronka Michalowska
Carol A. Little
Carol Beaven
David K. Bernhardt
David W. Pretty
Deanna Rosenswig
Dick & Deirdre Cousland
Douglas G. Gardner
Ellen & Brian Carr
Emiko Sumi
Esther & Sam Sarick
Frances & Peter Hogg
Gail & Barry Lord
Gardiner Museum Docents
George Huff
Hon. William Graham and Catherine Graham
Jane McKinnon
Julia West & Richard Wernham
June McLean
Kathleen Ward
Lillian Tanizaki
Lorna Marsden
Lorraine Kirchmann
Marcia Lipson
Margaret & Jim Fleck
The Hon. Margaret McCain
Margaret Chambers
Maria Luisa Abate
Marion Walker
Mary Liitoja
Mary Mitchell
Mary Yurkow
McDorman Family
Morden Yolles
Noreen & Keith Kincaid
Norma Croxon
Norman & Adele Shamie
Patrice E. Merrin
Rachel Gotlieb and Rob Dickson
Richard North
Robert and Jennifer Bell
Ruth Frisch
Sadie H. Blain
Setsu Hattori
Sheila Best
Sheryl J. Mercer
Stephen Bedford
Sylvia Main
Tamara and Michael Root
Tom & Milou Kelley
Velentine Rodger
Valerie McLean
Wm. O. Geisler and Mary E. Geisler
Anonymous (3)

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