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Robin Lambert

Robin Lambert

I should like to give you a kiss

Bone china, wood, mixed media



My ceramic practice is dynamic and non-traditional, though it references and respects the traditions of the material and culture of ceramics. I work specifically with the relationship between the ceramic object and the audience with a focus on the interstices between object and owner. My practice fits perfectly in the small space between Social Practice, Performance, and Ceramics with the Ceramic part of this equation driving most every artistic inclination that I have. The inspirations for my work and the themes I work within come from all aspects of my life – art, literature, movies, pop culture, personal relationships and observations of daily life. My practice is a multidisciplinary investigation into the need to connect, to belong, and to be a part of a larger social or cultural system.

Robin Lambert

Robin Lambert was born on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. During his childhood he travelled throughout Western Canada before his family eventually settled in Northern Alberta. These wandering ways continued through his adult life, before he too settled down long enough to earn a BFA in 2004 from Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary and an MFA in 2007 from the University of Regina in Saskatchewan. He has received numerous grants and awards including a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Master’s Grant and his projects and exhibitions have been shown in Canada, the United States and Australia.


Robin Lambert is a ceramist who embraces socially engaged projects. Art projects that propose new models of sociability or new ways of being in the world have been theorized by French critic/curator Nicolas Bourriaud as relational or operational aesthetics. Operational aesthetics is on the move; it activates social settings to reinvest them with ethical concerns.

Mireille Perron, nominator
Artist, scholar and instructor at the Alberta College of Art + Design, Calgary

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