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Gardiner Museum

Teacher's resources and lessons

Teacher's resources and lessons



Ancient Americas

Ancient Americas

In this teachers resource package you will find some additional useful information relating to our Ancient Americas program at the museum.

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Ancient Americas

the vessel

In this teachers resource package you will find some additional useful information relating to our The Vessel program at the museum.






Ancient Americas


In this teachers resource package you will find some additional useful information relating to our Maiolica Myth and the Minotaur program at the museum.



Useful Links

Ancient Americas

Cloth and Clay Communicating Culture
A web site created by the Gardiner Museum and the Textile Museum about ancient civilizations from central and south America. Website includes: Learning about ancient cultures by exploring their objects; Explore landscapes and understand how people interact with their environment; Virtual tour traveling back in time; Meet the descendents of the Ancient Americas and learn about traditional and contemporary arts; and a Teachers resource sections which includes activities, links and a bibliography

Society of American Archaeology

The Mesoamerican Ball game
The sport of Life and Death The Mesoamerican ball game.
An online journey into the ancient spectacle of athletes and Gods. Site includes images of artifacts, loads of information and interactive games.

Introduction to the Maya
From the Canadian Museum of Civilization. In Mystery of the Maya there is a lot of information available including Astronomy, the calendar, hieroglyphics, slide shows and much more.

Foundation for the advancement of Mesoamerican Studies. There are lots of images here
of artifacts, drawings and maps. There is also an extensive bibliography.


National Geographic Animal facts
Animal facts, information, photos, sounds habitats, reports, news

Mexican Fauna
Facts and images about animals in Mexico

Canadian geographic
Canadian website devoted to animal facts, games, images, and maps. There are also links to various Canadian Animals with information about habitat, geographic ranges, physiology and behavior.

East Asia

Dragons and Fantastic beasts

The legend of the Chinese dragon
A brief synopsis about the history of the Chinese dragon.

Ancient China

Cyber sleuth Kids –Ancient civilizations
Many links to different aspects of Ancient Chinese history, activities, images etc.

Ancient China
Excellent Source of information for teacher and students. Aimed at students aged 9-11. Themes include crafts and artisans, geography, time, tombs and ancestors, and writing. There is also a link called staff room which teaches teachers how to beset use this site for their students

Early imperial China
Designed for student interaction. This website, designed by the British museum lets kids explore early Imperial China through fun interactive activities. There is also a staff roomsection with lesson plans and a list of resources.

Medieval Gargoyles

Ghosts in the Castle
An interactive website that allows students to explore a medieval castle all the while learning interesting historical bits of information along the way.

Owl and Mouse educational software
Free software for kids pertaining to the middle ages. Activities for students to create their own shields, all the while learning about the middle ages.

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