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The Gardiner Shop features a carefully curated, deep presentation of one of a kind and studio ceramics with a focus on Canadian artists, as well as a selection of beautiful glass, wood, jewellery, hand bags and scarves by international artists.






How did you get your start in ceramics?
TA: With help of a commission (which gave me enough money to live on for a couple of months) I packed in my job and went full time pottery making.
KH: My first studio. After my masters program I was artist in residence in a music school in Manchester, England. They provided a studio with kiln in exchange for art teaching.

Having been Gardiner Members for a number of years, do have a favourite gallery in the museum? 

TA: European gallery, love those alberellos
KH: Commedia dell’arte


TA: I enjoy looking at the skill of the makers and it is my “pottery heritage”
KH: I am intrigued by the narrative element and gestures of figures

What is the last ceramic piece you bought? 

TA: Japanese celadon vase from an auction
KH: Bowl by Saskatchewan potter Rob Froese

Last ceramic piece you made? 

TA: A large five spout asymmetrical tulipiere made with 16 pieces
KH: An Alice in Wonderland commission for a wedding gift

As artists, is there anything you would like to try your hand at? 

TA: Blowing glass
KH: Lithography

When you're not working in the studio, how do you enjoy spending your time? 

TA: Gardening
KH: Drinking tea

Lastly, use one word to describe each other. 

TA: creative
KH: warmhearted


Thomas Aitken & Kate Hyde's StageCraft retail exhibition runs until October 10.




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