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Gardiner Museum




The Gardiner Shop features a carefully curated, deep presentation of one of a kind and studio ceramics with a focus on Canadian artists, as well as a selection of beautiful glass, wood, jewellery, hand bags and scarves by international artists.




With a design aesthetic that is at once rustic and contemporary Atelier Make’s handmade porcelain tableware brings the beauty and pleasure of fine craft into contemporary daily life. Responding to the current needs of city dwellers, Atelier Make’s designs appeal to a new generation of fine-craft and design enthusiasts. The studio prides itself on a small batch, locally handcrafted model of doing business.

For designers Jaimie Robson and Maya Ersan, Atelier Make is much more than a livelihood. It is an entrepreneurial journey based on creative chemistry, extraordinary friendship, and a shared appreciation for beautiful things. Their intention is for the objects they make enhance the daily ritual of preparing, sharing, and celebrating delicious meals, as simple or elaborate as they may be.

 With a professional relationship that dates back to 2002, Jaimie and Maya have joined forces on numerous creative endeavors. Maya is from Istanbul, and Jaimie is from Vancouver. The two met in art school, shared a ceramics studio in Vancouver, and founded a non-profit organization together. While their professional pursuits have often led them to be thousands of miles apart, their effortlessly aligned vision brings them to work together time and time again.







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Tel +1 416.408.5066
111 Queen’s Park
Toronto, ON Canada M5S 2C7

Sumaira Kasimuddin, Manager
+1 416.408.5069

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