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12 Trees: Let There Be Light

Behind the scenes with our 12 Trees artists

We asked artists to put a contemporary twist on the traditional Christmas tree with a focus on light, a potent symbol of hope shared by many culture and faiths during the holiday season. Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at the installations in progress and inside the minds of the artists.

3 days ago

Quick Fire: 5 Questions with Errol Manners

Errol Manners, dealer in European ceramics and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, reveals what inspired him to pursue his career, how to differentiate between forged and authentic antique porcelain, and offers advice on collecting for beginners.

5 days ago

Studio Visit: Nurielle Stern and Shay Salehi

In anticipation of their upcoming Gardiner Shop exhibition in November, we visited the shared studio of artists Nurielle Stern and Shay Salehi in Artscape’s Case Goods Warehouse.

2 weeks ago

Quick Fire: 5 Questions with Chief Curator Meredith Chilton

Meredith Chilton, Chief Curator at the Gardiner Museum, delighted us with insight into her love of porcelain ahead of her upcoming lecture Painted on Porcelain: A Canadian Odyssey.

3 weeks ago

Quick Fire: 5 Questions with Curator Karine Tsoumis

Dr. Karine Tsoumis, Curator at the Gardiner Museum, enlightens us on the connection between 16th-century maiolica and the domestic sphere, what excites her most about her research, and how today’s luxuries compare with those of Renaissance Venice.

3 weeks ago
Douglas Coupland

Quick Fire: 5 Questions with Douglas Coupland

Douglas Coupland talks about why he decided to co-curate this year’s 12 Trees exhibition, the vital role that light plays in his own life, and his fascination with making “stuff.”

4 weeks ago
Parrots at a clay lick in Peru. Photo: Brian Ralphs

This Month in Ceramics

From clay-eating parrots to Clare Twomey’s working ceramics factory at Tate Modern, these were September’s top stories from around the world on everything ceramics related.

2 months ago

Coming in Hot: How Teapot Racing is Gaining Steam

Teapots and robotics collide in Splendid Teapot Racing, a beloved sport of many who embrace Steampunk, an artist-led subculture based on Victorian science-fiction. Like the name suggests, teapots mounted onto remote-controlled chassis compete in this delightful event, and other than a size restriction of 30 centimeters in height and width and 40 centimeters in length, […]

2 months ago

Of Mind and Mud: How Clay is Shaping Up to be the Next Big Mindfulness Trend

Pottery has taken on celebrity status lately, with the fashion world, star Instagram potters, and even mega-celebrities like Brad Pitt embracing ceramics. It isn’t hard to see its allure—in a world that feels increasingly unstable, kneading a slab of clay with your hands is a great way to unplug and connect with the present moment. […]

3 months ago

Quick Fire: 5 Questions with soJin Chun

soJin Chun, one of our six Community Arts Space: Art is Change partners, tells us the ways in which art can change the world. Why is it important for public spaces to make room for “art-making”? “Art-making” activates communities through conversation and collaboration. The act of making art within the context of public spaces creates […]

3 months ago