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if i speak to you in anger

Writer Letticia Cosbert reflects on Annie Wong’s Panic in the Labyrinth, a Community Arts Space project that transgresses the traditional poetry reading.

7 days ago
Maldewin Weskijinu / Blood Soaked Soil

The Impossible Soloist

Writer and director Adam Garnet Jones gives us a glimpse into artist Louis Esmé’s creative process ahead of the opening of Maldewin Weskijinu / Blood Soaked Soil, a Community Arts Space exhibition.

3 weeks ago
A Response by Sook-Yin Lee to Live Choreography

A Response by Sook-Yin Lee to “Live Choreography: jes sachse & Alice Sheppard”

A Response by Sook-Yin Lee to “Live Choreography: jes sachse & Alice Sheppard”

4 weeks ago

Making Future Artifacts in Gentrifying Times  

This summer, the Gardiner Museum joins forces with Art Starts and designers Calla Lee and Prateeksha Singh to run Reclaiming Artifacts, an arts project for the Museum’s Community Arts Space.

1 month ago
Collections Storage

Behind the scenes in our collections storage

Tucked away in the hallways of our basement is an area dedicated to our collection, a storage room that’s home to objects currently not on display.

1 month ago

Invisible Footprints Brings Queer Asian History to Life Through Art, Clay, and Community Dialogue

For several years in my late teens and early twenties, I often traveled from out of town (all the way from Montreal!) to Toronto to take part in what I felt must be the most creative and expansive queer Asian arts community in the world.

2 months ago

In conversation with SMASH art director Jacquelyn West

We chatted with Jacquelyn about the party’s theme, the artists who are taking over, and some of the surprises that the night holds.

2 months ago

Meet the artists taking over SMASH: We Are More

SMASH returns on June 21 with its most immersive experience yet.

2 months ago

Turtle House participants build connections through clay at the Gardiner

For the past few Monday nights, as the rest of the Museum begins to quiet down, a hum of activity builds in our Community Clay Studio as people trickle in and start working with clay—hand building, glazing, and painting away.

4 months ago
Still from Yoko Ono’s No. 4 (Bottoms)

Exploring Yoko Ono’s Film No. 4

In Yoko Ono’s Film No. 4 (1966-67), more commonly known as Bottoms, close-up shots of people’s behinds flash across the screen, following Ono’s simple script: “String bottoms together in place of signatures for petition for peace.”

4 months ago