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Gail Brooker Library

The Gail Brooker Ceramic Research Library is a comprehensive reference centre for research in the field of ceramics.

The collection was founded in 1988 when George R. Gardiner donated 387 books, periodicals, journals, and engravings relating to the history, production, style, and sources of European ceramics. Today the collection includes over 2,500 volumes, in addition to periodicals, international auction catalogues, rare books, engravings, and scrapbooks, as well as several special collections. The library’s strengths are a reflection of the collection of the Gardiner Museum, and recent additions include collections on contemporary ceramics, Asian porcelain, and the Ancient Americas.

The library catalogue is part of the University of Toronto Library System (UTCat).

Visiting the Library

The library is a non-circulating research collection, but we welcome everyone to visit our facilities, located in the Museum.