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Peter Pincus, Trio of Vessels V, 2017. Gift of Diana Reitberger.
Grade 3 - 12

Form, Vessels, Myth, and Fantasy

Introduce your students to interpretations of clay beyond vessels and pottery. Contemporary ceramics continues the tradition of storytellingdrawing on the past and pushing boundaries towards fantasies of the future. Learn about the lineage of earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain vessels, and how history repeats itself through the evolution of clay and ceramic technology.

Discover how glass and glaze contribute unique characteristics to form and sculpture. The Diana Reitberger Collection in our Modern and Contemporary Gallery features a breathtaking personal collection of Canadian and international ceramics.

  • Links: The Arts, Science and Technology, English, The Arts, History and Geography
  • Studio project: Sculptural vessel or form

Students will take a tour of the exhibition followed by a hands-on clay workshop

Students will get an opportunity to sketch and explore the gallery in-depth with guided observation exercises, audio-visual material, and discussion. In the afternoon, students will partake in a hands-on clay class.

Program Details

$15*Full-Day Program
$9*Half-Day Program
$7Guided Tour
Free**Unguided Tour

* Optional $3 kiln firing fee. Firing takes 10 to 14 business days. Please add a $5 processing fee per group.

** Registration required, please fill out the form by clicking “Book a Visit” button below.

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1. Peter Pincus, Trio of Vessels V, 2017. Gift of Diana Reitberger.

2. Seated Drummer, Tala-Tonalá style
Mexico, Jalisco
300 B.C. - A.D. 200
Earthenware with white on red slip paint
Gift of George and Helen Gardiner, G83.1.56

3. Shaman’s Head (II), 2006, Gift of the Museum of Inuit Art G16.13.8

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