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Custom Programs

If you have a special project in mind or a theme you would like to pursue, please let us know and together we can design a museum visit just for you and your class.

Here is a list of the permanent collections:

Ancient Americas Gallery
The culture and art of the ancient peoples of Mexico, Central and South America.

Italian Renaissance Maiolica
15th- and 16thcentury earthenware, representing classical mythology, perspective, family life and other great themes.

English Delftware
17th- and 18th-century earthenware. Themes include early medicine, family life, history of the monarchy, the Great Fire of London, and the plague years.

Contemporary and Modern Gallery
Canadian and international ceramics form the 20th and 21st centuries.

Chinese Porcelain Gallery
The history of porcelain as it developed in Asia and its remarkable influence on the West.

Japanese Porcelain and Its Influence
17th-century Japanese porcelain and its stylistic influence on Europe.

European Porcelain
The European response to the importation of Asian porcelain. Early scientific experiments, alchemy, the Enlightenment, centralism, baroque, and rococo. Collections include, Germany, Austria, Denmark, France, Italy, Netherlands, and Switzerland.

Scent Bottles
A wonderful collection of tiny receptacles for scent leads to a discussion on their themes, owners (including the French kings), and the reasons for wearing perfume.

English Porcelain
18th-century England and the continent. Themes include the influence of France and French style, the importance of nature, and its influence on embellishment.

Commedia dell’Arte
Character figures from popular 16th-century Italian theatrical productions featuring Harlequin, Columbine, and Pierrot to name a few. Themes such as theatre, dining, politics, and dance.

This program is available as a half day.

This program is available as a full day.

Program Details

$15*Full-Day Program
$9*Half-Day Program
$7Guided Tour
Free**Unguided Tour

* Optional $3 kiln firing fee. Firing takes 10 to 14 business days. Please add a $5 processing fee per group.

** Registration required, please fill out the form by clicking “Book a Visit” button below.

Book a Visit

1. Seated Drummer, Tala-Tonalá style
Mexico, Jalisco
300 B.C. - A.D. 200
Earthenware with white on red slip paint
Gift of George and Helen Gardiner, G83.1.56

2. Shaman’s Head (II), 2006, Gift of the Museum of Inuit Art G16.13.8

3. The Monkey Orchestra
Germany, Meissen, c. 1753–75
Hard-paste porcelain with overglaze enamels, gilding
Modelled by Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706–1775) and Peter Reinicke (1711–1768)
Mark: Crossed swords in underglaze blue
Gift of George and Helen Gardiner, G83.1.675

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