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Grade 4 - 6, High School Spanish

Early Societies of the Ancient Americas

Civilizations from the Ancient Americas made outstanding contributions that range from incredibly accurate calendars to astonishing monuments of architecture.  They also left a number of ceramic pieces which, thousands of years later, still speak to their skill and artistry.  Come to the Gardiner Museum and learn about the distinct cultures that flourished from western Mexico to southern Peru.  This ceramics collection reveals the history, beliefs, and gastronomy of the Ancient Americas.

  • Links: Ancient civilizations, heritage and identity, Spanish at all levels, university anthropology and archaeology.
  • Studio project: Ancient Americas figure; if studying other ancient civilization: Canopic jars or Greek vessels.

Students will go on a gallery tour followed by a hands-on clay class.

Students will handle artifacts, view a presentation, complete a scavenger hunt in the gallery, and have a discussion with an archaeologist.

Program Details

$15*Full-Day Program
$9*Half-Day Program
$7Guided Tour
Free**Unguided Tour

* Optional $3 kiln firing fee. Firing takes 10 to 14 business days. Please add a $5 processing fee per group.

** Registration required, please fill out the form by clicking “Book a Visit” button below.

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1. Seated Drummer, Tala-Tonalá style
Mexico, Jalisco
300 B.C. - A.D. 200
Earthenware with white on red slip paint
Gift of George and Helen Gardiner, G83.1.56

2. Shaman’s Head (II), 2006, Gift of the Museum of Inuit Art G16.13.8

3. The Monkey Orchestra
Germany, Meissen, c. 1753–75
Hard-paste porcelain with overglaze enamels, gilding
Modelled by Johann Joachim Kaendler (1706–1775) and Peter Reinicke (1711–1768)
Mark: Crossed swords in underglaze blue
Gift of George and Helen Gardiner, G83.1.675

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