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Reclaiming Your Centre

NEW – Interconnectedness: Dust to Stardust, Stardust to Dust

Mon Jan 27 to Mar 09, 2020, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Every gesture in which we express ourselves contains the personal, biographical and relational experience of the world. Clay has the unique ability to (offer) feedback to every imprint we make. As I touch the clay, I am touched by it allow(ing) us to gradually rewrite our biography, to respond in a new way, to find a fuller more connected flow of our life force. ~ Elbrecht 2012

The clay body changes in relationship to making contact with the human body. It is an effortless dance where each touch is recorded and then transformed with every interaction between clay and its maker. The malleability and immediacy of the material naturally integrates the mind-body connection, where the experience of mindfulness is one of embodiment.

Through exploration with clay, we will recognize how we can be stuck because we have not looked fully into the nature of our experience. With self-compassion we can begin to notice habits of beliefs, judgments, and/or stories and create pathways to loosen their hold on us by working with the malleability of clay.

The emphasis will be on the process of working with clay while not being attached to the product we create.

Each week participants will take clay home to practice the skill learned from the weekly workshop. Everyone will be asked to bring a journal which will be used throughout the group process as a tool for reflection.

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Suzanne Thomson

A registered art therapist for over 25 years, Suzanne Thomson integrates mindfulness and sensorimotor psychotherapy to facilitate healing and community engagement.

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Suzanne Thomson