Products by Teresa Dunlop

Teresa is currently an artist in residence at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto.

For over two centuries, my ancestors were subsistence farmers in Ireland and Ontario. Their cycle of tilling, sowing, nurturing, harvesting and preserving is engrained in me. I find the rhythm and repetition of this kind of labor deeply rewarding. These farmers were by nature pragmatic, optimistic, altruistic and romantic. Working as a functional potter gives me a close sense of connection with those who make for the benefit of others.

I am drawn to clay because of its suppleness, its ability to yield, to accept marks and to respond to the human hand. It is exciting for me to take raw materials from the earth and to transform them through fire. The ceramic surface offers a chance for me to capture the color and depth one might see in the sky, at the heart of a full-blown lily, on the surface of murky water, in an oil spot on asphalt.

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