Products by Wendy Nichol

Wendy Lisa Nichol is a ceramic artist based in Toronto. She received a BFA in Drawing & Painting with a minor in Material Arts & Design from OCAD University in 2014. Through the process of coil and slab-building, Wendy has experimented with different methods of hand-building and surface design treatment while embracing the imperfections of the hand. Recently, Wendy has focused on developing her ceramic practice by engaging with Toronto community teaching workshops.

Patiently waiting, for shapes to form and clay to dry. Patterns appear from within the clay, while forming walls of each container. Cavities of space that contain a reflection of my hand. Capturing movement in a still, solid form. Undulating textures embedded on the surface with a negative and positive mark transferred through my body acting as an instrument. With care and composure, forms take on life, a connection.

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