Air & Earth Design: Skimmer Silver Earrings



Heidi executes her work in precious metal clay, which is tiny bits of recycled silver or gold that is suspended in a clay base. A recent technique from Japan, you fire the material in a kiln at 1600F and the clay binder burns off leaving only the metal behind. She tears, molds, collages and cuts into the material before it is fired yielding a unique result. Hand crafted by the artist each will slightly vary in colour, pattern, size and weight.

Currently featured in the Fall/Winter Lookbook of 2022.

Care & Use: Gently wipe with a rouge or soft micro-fiber cloth to freshen the shine on any bright silver areas. The dark areas should not need any care. Avoid the application of soap or fragrance on any gems or pearls.

Material: Cast silver with Keum Boo technique, gold filled suspension earwire.

Measurement (in.): L2 x W0.5

Weigh (oz.): 0.2

SKU: 98024





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About The Artist

Air & Earth Design: Heidi von der Gathen

Heidi von der Gathen received a B.F.A., Sculpture, from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She was a practicing artist for ten years during which she taught, exhibited, and curated in the States, Canada, EU and Japan. She went on to establish a successful career in commercial post-production culminating in a fruitful business partnership and the position of Partner/ Executive Producer. Inspired by years of travel, Heidi returned to personal creative practice in late 2016. Encouraged by word-of-mouth interest and subsequent sales she founded Air & Earth Design in 2017.

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