Brent Harding: 10 inch Long Panoramic Dawn Glass Panel in Yellow, Teal and Blue

Brent Harding – Panel colour image 02-webBrent Harding – Panel colour image 03-webBrent Harding – Group colour image 01-web


Capturing the transitional moment before sunrise, Brent’s new series of glass panels play with the brilliant yellows, teals and blues found at dawn. This panel features a large tree with a swing. Made by hand with crush recycled glass, each will slightly vary in colour, pattern, size and weight.

Care & Use: Do not force or pressure the glass to fit in the metal stand. The glass panel should slide into the claws accordingly.

Material: Crushed recycled glass and metal base stand

Measurement (inches): L10 across x W2 metal base x H10 panel and stand

Weight (lbs): 3 lbs 0.3 oz

SKU: 344006





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About The Artist

Brent Harding

Brent Harding's inspiration comes from the play of light and shadows on organic forms in nature. After focusing on watercolor and oil painting to capture the beauty of nature, he discovered fused glass, which he approaches with a painter's mindset. Living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia gives him the luxury of being immersed in the incredible compositions that he strives to capture in glass. Harding has developed his own technique of crushing different colored wine and beer into fine, medium, and coarse textures, which he uses to achieve an aerial perspective. He creates one-of-a-kind moulds and slumps the glass so that the composition protrudes off the surface and enhances perspective.

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