Dan and Nisha Ferguson-“Lily’s Hat”



Mini animal sculpture: “Lily’s hat” frog mini sculpture with lid.  Works consists of three components: sculpture, drawing/painting and design.  Made out of ceramic each piece has several applications of underglazes and undergoes several firings to achieve the brilliant colours in each piece.  Decorative only.  Each piece is unique and slightly varies in colour, shape, size and weight.

Approximate measurements: L6.5 x W6 x H2.5 in

Approximate weight: 0.5812 lbs





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About The Artist

Dan and Nisha Ferguson

As sculpture is Dan's department within the collaboration of “DaNisha”, drawing/painting is Nisha’s department. She concerns herself with two particular aspects of the art of drawing/painting: color and line. Nisha and Dan each create through a different medium. However design is what unites both. DaNisha, studied at the Art Centre of Toronto at Central Technical School and graduated in 1989. Nisha majored in painting and illustration, Dan in sculpture. After Dan completed a two-year apprenticeship with Canadian sculptor William McElcheran they began collaborating in the medium of ceramics in 1991. After working as well established independent artists for ten years in Toronto the pair moved their family of two children and the business in 2001 to the Spanish colonial and historically significant town of San Miguel de Allende in the heart of Mexico.

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