Eiko Maeda Small Bowl with Flat Bottom

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Eiko Maeda is a Japanese Canadian ceramic artist who explored a variety of ceramic techniques while taking courses at the Visual Arts Centre in Montreal, and started working independently after moving to Toronto in 2010.  The focus of her work is creating contemporary designs using traditional methods and forms of Japanese ceramics.  Currently she is exploring the nerikomi ceramic technique a hand-building technique traditionally found in Chinese/ Japanese ceramics.

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About The Artist

Eiko Maeda

Eiko Maeda graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Tokyo, Japan.  She trained in ceramics at the Visual Arts Center, Montreal, QC and also trained under Eiji Murofushi in Fuji, Japan, learning nerikomi techniques.  Nerikomi is a traditional Japanese hand-building technique. To make various patterns, coloured clay is stacked together in a precise manner and sliced through in cross-section to form small blocks. These blocks are carefully pressed together to create repeating patterns, then sliced into thin slabs. The slabs are draped over uniquely carved plaster molds to form vessel forms. Eiko is currently based in Woodbridge, ON.

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