Emma Kip: Platter with Three Figures

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Emma explores storytelling, narrative and personal experiences to capture feelings and emotions about her memories and encounters. She creates ceramic forms that are decorated with intricate illustration and imagery, using themes of wildlife, nature and botanical. Her works are either thrown on the wheel, or hand-built using coils or rolled slabs. She then layers white or black slip that are added to the surface of the clay. Afterwards, detailed designs for surface decoration are caved into the layer of slip, using a technique called sgraffito to create complex illustrations. Lastly, a layer of simple clear glaze is applied.

Care & Use: Decorative Platters are not food safe due to the gold luster. Hand Wash only. Can be displayed on a plate stand, hung on a wall, or set on a surface.

Material: Stoneware, white slip, and lustre

Measurement (in.): D15 x H2

Weigh (lb.): 5+

SKU: 799003

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About The Artist

Emma Kip

Emma Kip is a multimedia artist, living in the Kitchener Waterloo area. She graduated with a Bachelor of Craft and Design Program at Sheridan College with a specialty in Ceramic arts. Emma grew up in a small rural farming town, where she spent a lot of time exploring the outdoors, with wildlife and botanicals which inspires her craft. In high school, she found her interest in the arts, and studied graphic design, photography, and artisan arts. Illustrative arts and tattooing also inspire the design and content matter of her work in ceramics. Emma has been working to create her business, Kip Ceramics, and continues to explore her works in ceramic and illustrative art.

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