Farheen Ali: Crystal Earrings in Green and Gold

E-CRY1 Green and gold crystal earrigs pic 2


Farheen creates playful, wearable art. This new line of work is a take on modern contemporary incorporating crystal beads. Hand crafted each design will slightly vary in colour, pattern size and weight.

Care & Use: Protect jewelry from sharp blows, scratching and chemicals. To clean the pieces simply wipe them with a dry, microfiber cloth to remove dust and to maintain the shine of the crystals and stones. Never go swimming whilst wearing these pieces since exposure to chlorine can damage the metals present.

Material: 14k gold filled ear hooks

Measurement (in.): L2 x W0.75 x H0.25

Weight (oz.): 0.1 total

SKU: 665087

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About The Artist

Farheen Ali

Farheen Ali is a Toronto-based illustrator and jewellery artist. A medical illustrator by profession, Farheen has always been intrigued by organic forms and colors that exist in nature. Her training in landscape watercolour and Japanese sumi-e painting has inspired her to pay careful attention to and capture natural shapes in her artwork. Six years ago, she started to experiment with wire wrapped jewelry and discovered that she could create organic shapes and forms not just on a flat surface but in 3D as well. She now works with a palette of unique beads and found objects to create wearable pieces of art.

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