Humade: Kintsugi Inspired Repair Kit in Gold (Each sold separately)

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With sustainability in mind, the creation of the Kintsugi Repair Kit was born. Inspired by the traditional art form from Japan, broken objects were preserved by mending objects together joined with gold (Kintsugi means golden joinery).  This Kit includes all the essentials in repairing your broken object and bringing it back to life. Mend the broken seams with glue and touch up with the gold or silver powder. The magic here is finding beauty in flaws and imperfections. As a result, you now have a piece you can enjoy in its new life form.

Care & Use: Included in the package is a how-to-guide on repair and metallic powder application. The objects you repair are for decorative use only. Please do not drink or eat out of your repaired object, and do not place in the microwave or dishwasher.

Material: Glue, gold powder, brush, bamboo sticks and gloves

Measurement (Inches): L8 x W5 x H1.5 inches package with contents

Weight: 4.2 oz package with contents

SKU: 49804

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About The Artist


Humade is a company founded by sisters Gieke and Lotte in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They strive to create products that are made specifically for the customer and their character. Using unorthodox material and techniques, they offer simplicity and keep the essence of design. Sharing a passion and true dedication they find balance between man, product and space.

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