Joan Matsusaki-Yunomi Tea Cup


Yunomi (tea cup) wood fired with slip décor.  Dark colour.  Food safe, may be put in the microwave, please hand-wash.

Approximate measurements: L3.3 x W3.3 x W3.0 inches

Weight:0.62 lbs





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About The Artist

Joan Matsusaki

Making pots for Joan Matsusaki is about creating something useful and communicating to the user what inspires her and what she finds beautiful. Joan decided to pursue pottery because of the tradition and history the craft has to offer. There is 26,000 years of history to inspire and feed Joan's creative spirit. She chooses to create objects that will be of utilitarian service to the customer but will also offer something other than itself. Call it beauty, spiritual connection, comfort or just a feeling. Joan's influences and inspirations come from many different sources- but most significantly wilderness landscapes and the animals that live in them. Joan is happiest when she is immersed in nature and hopefully when someone purchases her work they are taking some of that happiness with them.

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