Joon Hee Kim: Untitled Sculpture

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Joon Hee’s work explores the human existence by examining and reconciling diverse identities and heritages.  She uses the unique language of ceramics to communicate her thoughts and observations to the world.  Her process starts with hand-building followed by press-mould additions, it is then glazed and fired repeatedly until a desired surface design is achieved.  Each sculpture will slightly vary in colour, pattern, size, and weight.  Exhibit: In partnership with the Scaramouche Restaurant Pasta Bar & Grill this piece is currently on display in their front entrance showcase.  

Care & Use: The pieces are decorative artworks. Each piece is very delicate, thus handle with extra care especially when packing and transporting.

Material: Glazed sculptural clay and gold luster

Measurement (in.): L4.7 x W6.7 x H3.9

Weight (oz.): 14-16

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About The Artist

Joon Hee Kim

After studying graphic design, Joon Hee Kim had a career as an art director in the field. Then with a desire to work with 3D, she studied patisserie at the Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa, before she finally began her Ceramics studies. Joon Hee has always felt that there are a lot of connections between the two spheres by nature – when she went on the ceramics studio tour for the first time, it was fascinating for her to see how the tools used for ceramics were very similar to the tool for baking. So even when she was unfamiliar with ceramics, her knowledge in patisserie was a big help in her new studies in the ceramics field. Since that particular studio tour, ceramics has become a task that has changed Joon Hee’s life, a sphere where she dedicated herself for the past 7 years.

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