Jordan Clarke: Bay Earrings



Inspired by water, movement and the female form, The Bay Earrings are full of beautiful curves mimicking both the waves and the curves of land. They are the perfect accessory to celebrate your inner goddess. This earrings are hand cut and have a large hammered texture for the finish. Each is entirely hand cut and will slight vary in colour, pattern, size and weight.

Care & Use: Over time, brass develops a gorgeous patina, which you may choose to remove with a natural jewellery cleanser.

Material: Brass earring ,14kt gold filled ear wires

Measurement (in.): L3 x W1

Weight (oz.): 0.6

SKU: 408057





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About The Artist

Jordan Clarke

Enarmoured is handcrafted fine art jewellery created by artist Jordan Clarke in Toronto, Ontario. Working with brass and silver, Jordan creates bold, elegant, and timeless pieces of small-batch jewellery. Her background in Fine Art informs Jordan’s approach to design. Inspired by ancient armour, her collection explores the idea of protective adornment as both feminine and elegant. Each piece of jewellery, from the initial sketch to completion, is formed lovingly by hand. Using both traditional and innovative jewellery-making techniques, Jordan creates unique pieces of wearable art.

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