Marie Levine: Glass Menorah in Blue featuring Hebrew Letters

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Marie’s move to Ottawa resulted in managing a local Judaic Gift Shop. After taking stock of inventory, she worked with a local fuse artist in making menorahs and eventually created her own line of works. Celebrate with these beautiful hand made menorahs in varying design and colour. Each comes with a metal base and will slightly vary in colour, pattern, size, and weight.

Care & Use: To display, place the glass menorah into the slit of the metal base. Please handle with care as they are not attached and carefully clean with soap and water.

Material: Fused glassware

Measurement: L14 x W6 x H3.6 stand, L14 x W1 x H8 inches glass

Weight: 3 lbs 13.7 oz total

SKU: 078004





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About The Artist

Marie Levine

Early in her career, Marie Levine worked in theatre, radio and television in New York, Toronto and Ottawa. Whether she was producing, directing or promoting other people’s ideas, Marie used these outlets to release her inner creativity. Marie later managed a local Judaic Gift Shop in Ottawa and focused on featuring beautiful handcrafted inventory. A year after working with a local fused glass artist who made menorahs for her gift shop, Marie took up this craft with the artist and began making fused glass menorahs herself.

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