Peidi Wang: Giant Panda Encountering Red Panda

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Peidi’s work has been inspired and driven by her striking and bizarre dreams, which built upon seemingly uncorrelated elements but interconnected into an absurd yet fascinating imagery. Through the delicacy yet permanence of porcelain, Peidi embodies those fleeting dreams into her work. With profound focus to the details, she weaves sense of logic into each piece which builds connections between elements to smooth the absurdness that’s embedded, to make her work weird but cute at the same time. The narrative through out her work is driven by a trace of burst of imagination triggered by the subtle sense of unreality that comes up from time to time, slowly corrected by the rational thinking during the sculpturing process, leaves a sense of in-between to the viewers.

Care & Use: For display and decoration only. Not food safe, not intended to be functional. Pieces are made with thin and fragile porcelain, handle with care.

Material: Porcelain, wool, metal.

Measurement (in.): Red panda L4 x W3 x H5; Panda L2 x W2 x H2.5

Weight (lb. & oz.): 1 pound & 1 oz total

SKU: 077004

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About The Artist

Peidi Wang

Peidi Wang graduated from OCAD University with a bachelor degree in Industrial design in 2020. With experience of working with several materials, including wood, metal, ceramic and plastic, Peidi finds clay to be the most comfortable material to work with and the most ideal material to capture and express the form of beauty in her perspective. Peidi has been a sculptor and ceramic artist in Toronto and she contines to explore the limitless possibility of ceramic material and the world of sculptures with intricate details

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