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Meredith Chilton Curatorial Endowment Fund

Annual Friends Campaign

Join the Gardiner Museum in celebrating the remarkable legacy of Meredith Chilton.

Since opening our doors in 1984, Meredith has opened many of our eyes to the beauty of ceramics and its infinite possibilities. As a dedicated Friend of the Gardiner Museum, we invite you to support us in the establishment of the Meredith Chilton Curatorial Endowment Fund as a lasting tribute to our extraordinary Chief Curator.

After a thirty-four year association, Meredith Chilton will be retiring from the Gardiner Museum in December 2017. Meredith, who was recently named to the Order of Canada, is known within the Gardiner community and internationally for her grace, passion, and unsurpassed commitment to advancing the culture of ceramic art. To celebrate her legacy and her foundational and ongoing contributions to the organization and its collections, the Gardiner Museum is creating the Meredith Chilton Curatorial Endowment Fund.

The Endowment Fund will be used to support future curatorial excellence at the Museum by providing dedicated funds to Gardiner curators and adjunct curators for curatorial research on our historical and contemporary collections, as well as research for special exhibitions, travel, and other curatorial purposes that build on Meredith’s legacy and advance the Gardiner’s international curatorial reputation. Moreover, this fund will exist in perpetuity, forever linking curatorial excellence at the Museum to Meredith and her many achievements.