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Guests mingling at the International Ceramic Art Fair Preview Gala

Our Supporters

The Gardiner Museum thanks the generous individuals, corporations, foundations, and government funders who make it possible for the Gardiner to celebrate the art of clay.

The Gardiner Benefactor Award

The Gardiner Benefactor Award is given to a donor or donors who have sustained the Museum over an extended period through donation of objects, financial support, or both.

Bill & Molly Anne Macdonald, 2014
In Memory of R. Murray Bell & Ann Walker Bell, 2015
Robert & Marian Cumming, 2016
Dr. Pierre Karch & Dr. Mariel O’Neill-Karch, 2017
Jean & Kenneth Laundy, 2018
Diana Reitberger, 2019
Raphael Yu, 2020
Lorna Marsden, 2021
Mary Janigan & Tom Kierans and David Staines & Noreen Taylor, 2022

Exhibition Sponsors

Karine Giboulo: Housewarming (2022 – 2023)

Co-Presenting Sponsors
Mary Janigan & Tom Kierans
David Staines & Noreen Taylor

Thanks to
The Raphael Yu Centre for Canadian Ceramics

Shary Boyle: Outside the Palace of Me (2022)

Exhibition Partners
Hal Jackman Foundation
Michelle Koerner

Exhibition Sponsors
The Hon. Linda Frum & Howard Sokolowski
Rosamond Ivey
Partners in Art
Rosemary Phelan
Diana Reitberger
The Michael Young Family Foundation

Exhibition Touring Partner
Canada Council for the Arts

Thanks to
The Raphael Yu Centre for Canadian Ceramics


Community Access Fund 2022
The Catherine & Maxwell Meighen Foundation
The Citrine Foundation of Canada
The Koolum Foundation
The Langar Foundation

Community Arts Space 2022: Fragments and Fictions

Lead Sponsor
TD Bank Group

Next Generation: Emerging Artists Who Work in Clay

Lead Supporter
RBC Emerging Artists Project

Program Partner
Sheridan College

Generously supported by the Rebanks Family

Generously supported by Dr. Pamela Goodwin

Esther Sarick


International Ceramic Art Fair (2022) 

Presenting Sponsor
The Hilary & Galen Weston Foundation

Lead Sponsor

Hal Jackman Foundation

Supporting Sponsors
David Binet
The Hon. Margaret McCain

Contributing Sponsors
Tamara Rebanks & James Appleyard


Artist Sponsor
Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Event Sponsor
Torys LLP

Talking Earth, A Performance by Santee Smith (2022)

The Barry and Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust
The Lindy Green Family Charitable Foundation


Canada Council for the Arts
City of Toronto
Government of Canada, Department
of Canadian Heritage
Government of Ontario
Ontario Arts Council
Ontario Arts Foundation

Collections & Library Donors

The Museum is grateful to the following people for their recent gifts to our collections and archives:

Lindy Barrow
Len Dutton
Doreen Gryfe
David Houlton
William Johnston
Pierre Karch and Mariel O’Neill Karch
Jeannie Mah
Raphael Yu
Aleck Zhang

Gardiner Friends

Thank you to the many individuals who demonstrate their commitment to the Gardiner by making financial gifts in support of our mission.

David Staines C.M., O.Ont & Noreen Taylor C.M.
Esther Sarick
Jay Smith & Laura Rapp
Laura Dinner & Richard Rooney
Lorna Marsden, C.M.
The Hon. Margaret McCain
Mary Janigan & Tom Kierans
Rebanks-Appleyard Family
Rosemary Phelan
The Michael Young Family Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999
Anne & Tony Arrell
Catherine Bratty
Clare Gaudet & Mitch Wigdor
John Hunkin & Susan Crocker
McClure Family Fund
Rosamond Ivey
Brian Wilks
The William & Nona Heaslip Foundation

$2,500 – $4,999
Daniel Bain
David W. Binet
Jim Andersen & Michelle Marion
Minhas Mohamed
Norma Croxon
Scott Lauder
Victoria Stuart
The Murray Frum Foundation

$1,500 – $2,499
Adele & Norman Shamie
Anthony & Helen Graham
Bonnie Zelman & Philip Plotnick
Botho & Susan von Bose
Brian & Ellen Carr
Brian Greenspan & Marla Berger
Catherine & Hon. William Graham
David & Ilze Wright
Elizabeth Hartley
Ellen & Murray Blankstein
Frances A. Shepherd
Gail & Ian Brooker
Godyne Sibay
Grace Westcott & Peter Grant
Howard Barton & Sally Hannon
Joan Hewitt
Judy & Phelps Bell
Lynda Hamilton
Margaret Bangia
Michael C. Liebrock
Neil Guthrie
Patricia Fischer
Ronald M. Haynes
Susanne Boyce
Walter Pridham
William J. Wyatt


Anjali Hospattankar
Anjli Patel
AnnaLissa Altidor
Anne Robinson
Audrey Zhang
Azadeh Houshmand
Bingbin Cheng
Brianne Cullen Sherk
Connie Xi
Flora Do
Gemma Paynter
Gurpreet Ahluwalia
Isha Damania
Jigen Shah
Julia Campbell
Julie Riches
Katerina Maragos
Kenneth Kerr
Kulin Matchhar
Liam Randhawa
Lisa Cheng
Lori Goldberg
Marina Krtinic
Michael Lockhart
Robert Binet
Sadhisha Ambagahawita
Sarah Minhas
Shilpa Joshi
Victoria Alves


Named Funds are established to provide a lasting legacy at the Gardiner Museum. We are proud to celebrate the following donors in perpetuity and to thank all those who contributed funds in support of our Endowment.

Ann Walker Bell Fund
Brian Wilks Fund
Courtois Fund
Diane Wolfe Fund
Donner Canadian Foundation Fund
Helen E. Gardiner Fund
Karen & Stephen Sheriff Fund
Kent & Douglas Farndale Fund
Meredith Chilton Curatorial Endowment Fund
Philip Smith Foundation
Raphael Yu Centre of Canadian Ceramics
Reitberger Family Fund
Robert & Marian Cumming Fund
Waltraud Hentschel Ellis Fund


Members of the Porcelain Society have made an enduring gift to the Gardiner by including the Museum as a charitable bequest in their will. The Gardiner is deeply grateful to all members of the Porcelain Society for including the Museum in their legacy plans.

Alexandra Montgomery
Alison* & David Appleyard
Amoryn Engel
Ann Walker Bell*
Bette Ounjian
Brian Wilks
Dennis Weiss
Diana Reitberger & Harry Beck
Diane Dyer
Douglas G. Gardner*
Ellen & Brian Carr
Isabella Smejda & Ambrose Roche
Jean* & Kenneth Laundy
Joy Tyndall & Michael Pearson*
Judy & Phelps Bell
Julia Bass Hamilton
Kelvin Browne & Michael Allen
Kent & Douglas* Farndale
Lorna Marsden & Edward Harvey
Margaret Blackwood
Mark Winter
Maurice & Sheila Snelgrove
Meredith Chilton
Patricia Bartlett-Richards*
Peggy Lau
Raphael Yu
Robert* & Marian Cumming
Russell David Smith & Carl Lee Shain
Shirley Wigmore*
Theresa & Philip Day


This award is presented annually to a volunteer who exemplifies a passion for ceramics, a welcoming attitude, and a love of knowledge-sharing.

Adele Shamie, 2020
Bette Ounjian, 2021
Ruth Wolff, 2022

Donation information a/o January 2023.

The Museum makes every effort to accurately publish our donor listings. If there is an error please call us at 416.408.5051.

*Fondly Remembered