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Kids Clay Class, Photo: Lisa Sakulensky

Teacher & Parent Resources

We’re here to help teachers and parents engage with art and culture, and tap into kids’ creativity during this unprecedented time.¬†

On this page you’ll find regularly updated resources and activities inspired by the Gardiner’s renowned collection of ceramics from around the world, and organized according to the themes that we normally offer as on-site field trips.

For more weekly art activities, visit our Family Days page.

Virtual Field Trips

Animal Safari
Grade level: K – 3

Embark on a visual safari where you’ll encounter animal figures from the collection, including a larger-than-life 18th-century soup container in the shape of a rabbit and a 1500-year-old Jaguar sculpture from Costa Rica.

  • Watch video titled “Animal Safari” for a virtual tour
  • Watch the video titled “How to Make a Mouse” for a step-by-step ceramics demo by one of our pottery instructors
  • Try our animal-themed activities including a matching game, a word search, and a colouring page


Text that reads "Animal Safari" over a porcelain turtle

"How to make a mouse" written over a photo of a clay mouse

Want to make your own mouse? Try using one of our recipes for homemade clay.


Match the Animal to its Environment
Animal Safari Word Search
Colour the Collection – Lying Down Cow by Joe Fafard

Ancient Americas
Grade Level: 4-6

The Gardiner is home to an important collection of pottery made by the early societies of the Ancient Americas. Learn about the distinct cultures that flourished from western Mexico to southern Peru, and discover what their ceramics reveal and their history, beliefs, and gastronomy.

Our Ancient Americas Learning Guide contains information about three of the 47 cultures represented in our Ancient Americas Gallery: the Aztec, Inca, and Maya. It also features an introduction to archaeology from a practicing archaeologist.

  • Read the Ancient Americas Learning Guide
  • Watch the videos titled “Intro to Mesoamerica”, What’s in my Field Bag?” and “What Does an Archaeologist Do?”
  • Try our Ancient Americas-themed activities, including a crossword puzzle, a counting game, and a colouring page


Photo of a Maya pyramid

Trowel with text overlaid that says "What's in my Field Bag"

What Does an Archaeologist Do?

Archaeology Crossword Puzzle
Maya Counting Game
Colour the Collection – Owl Effigy Bottle