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Ai Weiwei LEGO artwork

Ai Weiwei makes bold statements with LEGO

Ai Weiwei has been using LEGO bricks as a medium since 2007. He appreciates the accessibility and ubiquity of the bright, colourful bricks, stating: “As an artist, I always avoid [making] my art too ‘arty’ or too ‘high’ taste. [I] want my art to be fresh, to be understood by children.”

1 year ago
Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei on Unbroken

A short conversation between artist Ai Weiwei and his close friend and collector Larry Walsh.

1 year ago
Ai Weiwei, Han Dynasty Vases with Auto Paint, 2015

When 1 X 1 ≠ 1 by Henry Heng Lu

As part of the Ai Weiwei: Unbroken publication, we invited curator and artist Henry Heng Lu to respond to Ai Weiwei’s Han Dynasty Vases with Auto Paint, 2015.

1 year ago
Digital landscape with mountains and flowers by Diana Lynn VanderMuelen

Introducing the artists taking over SMASH: Nourish

SMASH, the Gardiner Museum’s annual summer art party, returns on Wednesday June 26.

1 year ago
Blue and white porcelain plate by Ai Weiwei with images of refugees crossing the sea in boats

With a Cautious Heart by Kristyn Wong-Tam

As part of the Ai Weiwei: Unbroken publication, we invited Toronto City Councillor and human rights activist Kristyn Wong-Tam to respond to Ai’s artwork Blue and White Porcelain Plate (Crossing the Sea), 2017.

1 year ago
People attending a workshop in the exhibition Ai Weiwei: Unbroken

Fake News and Digital Surveillance: AWW Free School’s Third Series Workshop

A recap of AWW Free School: Fake News, the third workshop in a series of four that break down the themes presented in the special exhibition Ai Weiwei: Unbroken.

1 year ago
Sandra Alfoldy

Remembering Sandra Alfoldy

Remembering Sandra Alfoldy, a historian and curator who helped position Canadian crafts and scholarship on the world stage.

1 year ago
Hand sculpted from clay

Liberating narratives: A look back at the first AWW Free School workshop

On a Tuesday night, a group of strangers came together and unpacked their fears, joys, triumphs, and memories using words and clay during AWW Free School: Embodied Narratives, the first in a series of four interdisciplinary workshops inspired by the exhibition Ai Weiwei: Unbroken.

1 year ago
Ai Weiwei, Blue and White Moonflask, 1996. Courtesy of a private collection, USA

Real or fake? How to spot authentic Chinese blue-and-white porcelain

Dr. Maris Gillette, author of “China’s Porcelain Capital: The Rise, Fall and Reinvention of Ceramics in Jingdezhen,” gives us tips on distinguishing real antique Chinese porcelain from forgeries.

1 year ago
Porcelain dog with floral markings

Best in Show with curator Natalie Hume

The lobby display Best in Show spotlights a diverse range of canine-centric ceramics dating from 300 BCE to the 21st century, and reveals how artists have used clay throughout history to convey the varied relationships between dogs and people. We asked curator Natalie Hume to share with us her five favourite dogs from the display, and which one she would ultimately crown “Best in Show.”

1 year ago

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