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Community members working in the clay studio

Community Arts Space: Community is Essential

Inspired by the transformative potential of clay, the Community Arts Space, established in 2016, is the Gardiner’s incubator for arts-based community projects. This year, we’ve partnered with Turtle House Art/Play Centre, FCJ Refugee Centre, and ArtHeart to engage more than forty youth, adults, and seniors in clay workshops.

When the Museum temporarily closed as a result of COVID-19, we reimagined Community Arts Space 2020 (CAS2020) as a series of community healing activities that connect participants to one another through artistic production despite their physical isolation.

Now that the Museum has reopened, our community participants have returned to our clay studios to create work that responds to the themes of comfort, care, and hope. These works highlighting intergenerational dialogues will be displayed in our Exhibition Hall, tentatively scheduled for December 2020.

Our Partners

Turtle House Art/Play Centre is an organization designed primarily for children and families from refugee backgrounds to explore their creativity, play, express themselves, and make meaningful connections. Turtle House envisions and is dedicated to playing a vital role in building a Toronto where refugees and immigrants are welcomed, arts flourish in every neighbourhood, and people are encouraged to explore their creativity. Learn more

FCJ Refugee Centre serves refugees and others at risk due to their immigration status, and welcomes anyone asking for advice, counsel, and support regarding their refugee or immigration claim process. Learn more

ArtHeart provides free visual arts education, programs, materials, and healthy snacks to the children and youth, as well as hot, nutritious meals to adults and seniors living in Regent Park and the surrounding neighbourhoods. ArtHeart offers participants a supportive environment in which they can create and learn, build self-esteem, and develop life skills. Learn more

Community Resources

For Families

Art Activities:
Creating with Salt Clay
Make Your Own Goofus
Earthy Impressions
Make a Tulipiere
Make and Break
Feeling Sculptures
Celebrate National Indigenous History Month (low-relief sculptures)
Colourful Pots for Pride
Make a Bust
Creature Plates
Ceramic Scavenger Hunt
Clay Critters
Gone Fishing: Make a Fish Plate

Colouring Pages:
Bottle Vase with Scarab Beetle
Owl Effigy Bottle
Bijin (Beauty)
Lying Down Cow by Joe Fafard
Idealized Portrait

For Artists

Tracking Financial Losses Due to COVID-19
Apply for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit
Digital Originals Mico Innovation Grants

Lead Sponsor



Turtle House Art/Play Centre; FCJ Refugee Centre; ArtHeart



Please note our new hours. We are open from Thurs - Sun.Learn more