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Corrie Jackson knows great art

2 years ago

As the Senior Curator of RBC’s art collection, Corrie Jackson knows her way around great art—which is why we’re thrilled to have her on board as the Art Director for SMASH: Nourish, our summer art party in support of the Gardiner.

In anticipation of the evening, we chatted with Corrie about this year’s theme, Nourish, and the many ways that art can inspire and bring nourishment.

What excites you about this year’s theme?

The idea of nourishment is exciting in so many ways. To me, the word evokes an intention that makes us think about how we care about ourselves. Nourishment starts at understanding what one needs—self-reflection and self-awareness are some of the more valuable conditions we can offer ourselves. Nourishment isn’t just physical—it evokes the need to fulfill our emotional selves as well. I think this year’s theme feels timely in so many ways. As we continue to look outward in a world of change, the importance of looking back in and understanding what we need for ourselves is ever more important.

In what ways can art provide nourishment?

To me, art is a tool for reflection. By engaging with art, we can better understand ourselves through our initial reactions, our biases, and our preferences. Great art offers insights into ourselves, but also evokes empathy when you try and understand the intentions of the artist behind the work—which means you are never alone in that process. Engaging with art also nourishes and supports our ability to be empathetic to ourselves—but also those around us. On this point, sharing art with others is such an amazing way to better understand those around us—to understand their initial reactions—but also to engage in intimate dialogues around how we respond and why.

How does art nourish you?

To me, art is nourishing in a way that is deeply integrated into my every day. I live with art, I work with art, but the most nourishing conversations I have in my everyday are when I talk to others about how art makes them respond, and what it makes them feel. It is so rewarding to me to see art engaged with, but beyond that, it is nourishing to hear the perspectives and experiences that art shapes in other people. It is a reminder of the importance of listening to what is around us, understanding ourselves as individuals, and making space to listen to others.

SMASH: Nourish will feature specially-curated art installations and experiences by Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, Ness Lee, and Jon Sasaki. Get your tickets here to join us for an invigorating art party in celebration of all the things that nourish and inspire us.

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