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AN TE LIU: Mono No Ma

Sat Sep 07 to Nov 11, 2013All Day

September 7 – November 11, 2013

In The Lobby
Artist Intervention Series

For the second exhibition of the Gardiner Museum’s Artist Intervention series, renowned artist An Te Liu explores the space around things. Drawn at first to the burnished surfaces and anthropomorphic features of funerary ware found in the Gardiner’s Ancient Americas collection, Liu has transformed discarded Styrofoam packing from consumer goods into ceramic sculptures that evoke a multiplicity of references. Using remnants of the contemporary world, Liu conjures forms recalling iconic works of both the ancient and modern periods. While each sculpture bears the imprint of an object in use today, the ambiguity of their origin invites reflection upon our relationship to things, both utilitarian and artistic, old and new. As such, the nineteen works of MONO NO MA stand like fossils of an evolving, unconscious present.

In Japanese, mono is a word for ‘thing’, while ma means ‘space’ or ‘gap’. Brought together by the possessive term no, they describe a form that is at once plenitude and void. Literally translated as ‘space of the thing’, MONO NO MA oscillates between memory and loss, the familiar and the enigmatic, thing and no-thing.

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