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Garniture Remix

Wed Jul 21, 2021 to Apr 30, 2023, All Day

A garniture is an ensemble of matching vases and other vessels made for display, or to “garnish” a specific location. The practice of creating sets of porcelain objects emerged in Europe in the 1600s, as collectors composed symmetrical arrangements out of pairs or single vases imported from China and Japan. Unified by colour and design, garnitures adorned chimneypieces and the tops of furniture. Porcelain makers in Asia soon responded to consumer demand by producing intentionally matching sets for the European market. The garniture was a staple of European porcelain factories from their inception in the 1700s.

Garniture Remix captures the spirit of the historical garniture as a free, yet carefully orchestrated assemblage of objects. We delved into all areas of the Gardiner’s permanent collection to create our own, modern sets of vases and other forms united through colour, shape, ornament, or texture. Enjoy these unexpected encounters over the three floors of the Joan Courtois Gallery, spanning the Museum’s soaring staircase.