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Quick Fire: 5 Questions with soJin Chun

3 years ago

soJin Chun, one of our six Community Arts Space: Art is Change partners, tells us the ways in which art can change the world.

Why is it important for public spaces to make room for “art-making”?

“Art-making” activates communities through conversation and collaboration. The act of making art within the context of public spaces creates a connection between people and allows for an important dialogue that is relevant for communities.

What is the significance of having access to a downtown cultural institution to present your work?

Cultural institutions are often inaccessible to those that are outside of the dominant culture because of systemic barriers. By having access to a museum space such as the Gardiner, we are able to disrupt, however temporary, the predetermined institutionalized ways of showing work. We are also bringing to the museum representations of young Muslim women that are created collectively by a group that is self-representing their own narratives.

Describe the intended impact of your project in one sentence.

We would like to contribute towards breaking the myths and stereotypes of racialized communities, in particular, the religious and cultural Muslim communities to reveal narratives of struggle and perseverance.

Without art ____ (finish this sentence)

How could we see ourselves and our worlds through alternative lenses?

How do art and change intersect?

The process of making art is a process of transformation and change. When we make art, we learn and discover something about ourselves and our world, which in turn incites change and action. Art is a powerful tool that can inspire us to say something about the world that is often misunderstood, disregarded or undermined.  Art is an agent of change.

soJin Chun collaborates with a group of young Muslim women to present a multi-media exhibition for this year’s Community Arts Space: Art is Change initiative. Join us on Friday, August 25 for an Opening Celebration, followed by a workshop with the artists the following day. Learn more and register for free here.

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