In addition to our ongoing retail selection, the Gardiner Shop hosts exhibitions featuring the work of top local artists and designers.

James Wardhaugh: Tides
April to May
Tides by glass artist James Wardhaugh is a reflection of the natural world and the creatures that dwell in it, as captured by the artist through a series of vignettes in blown glass.

Join us for refreshments in the lobby on Tuesday April 3 from 5 – 7 pm in celebration of this new Shop exhibition.

Lisa Creskey: A Season for Everything
April to June
Quebec-based ceramist Lisa Cresky creates a visual tale in porcelain that playfully engages with the notion of time and space. The works follow eight friends who represent eight phases of the moon and the notion of passing time.

Join us on Friday May 25 at 5 pm for a meet and greet in the lobby followed by an artist talk from 5:30 pm to 7 pm in the lecture hall.

Image: Courtesy of James Wardhaugh


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