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Mon Jun 27 to Dec 04, 2011, All Day

Focus Gallery

Creamware refers to a large family of earthenwares covered with cream-coloured glazes that were produced in England and continental Europe during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Creamware was a revolutionary product in its time because it possessed many of the same practical and aesthetic qualities as porcelain, but could be produced for a fraction of the cost. For this reason, it quickly emerged as the ceramic tableware of choice for middle class consumers.

Competition from creamware producers put great pressure on many English and European porcelain factories, helping to force some out of business and others to modify their products. For such a seemingly simple ceramic, creamware had a profound social and economic impact that resonated even in modern times.

This exhibition showcases a collection of creamwares that were donated to the Gardiner Museum in 2008 by long-time members Jean and Ken Laundy. It is the first time that many of the objects have been publicly displayed.