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Black clay sculptures arranged in a procession

Spotlight Tour: The March/Parade with Rania El Mugammar

Thu May 05, 2022 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Doors at 5:30 pm

Join Rania El Mugammar, artist and liberation educator, for an in-person discussion on “The March/Parade”, part of the exhibition Shary Boyle: Outside the Palace of Me.

Masks must be worn on tours as social distancing is not always possible.


Rania El Mugammar is a Sudanese Artist, Liberation Educator, Abolitionist, Anti-oppression Consultant , multidisciplinary performer, speaker, and published writer. Her work explores reproductive justice, transformative justice & abolition, art as liberation, and digital justice.

As a writer, Rania’s work explores themes of identity, womanhood, Blackness, flight, exile, migration, belonging, gender, sexuality, and beyond. Rania’s primary mediums are poetry, spoken word, and oral storytelling. She is a published poet, storyteller, and playwright. Rania is deeply interested in poetic form and the auditory texture of words as well as the visual/aesthetic impact of language and form.

Rania is an experienced anti-oppression, abolition, and liberation educator and consultant who is unflinchingly committed to decolonization and freedom as the ultimate goals of her work. She has worked extensively with contemporary arts institutions, STEM-based enterprises, media organizations, educational institutions, and community/grassroots spaces.


A multi-sensory installation, Shary Boyle: Outside the Palace of Me explores how we see ourselves and each other through drawings, ceramic sculpture, life-sized automatons, two-way mirrors, coin-operated sculpture, and an interactive score.

Reimagining the museum as a collective performance space, Canadian visual artist and performer Shary Boyle mines histories of craft and obsolete technologies to connect our current realities to legacies of the past. Reversing the frame on her uncanny characters and their destabilized audience, she urges viewers to think critically about how we create both ourselves and the world we inhabit. Learn more

Exhibition Partners

Rosamond Ivey

Hal Jackman Foundation

Michelle Koerner

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Partners in Art

The Hon. Linda Frum & Mr. Howard Sokolowski
Rosemary Phelan/The Langar Foundation
Diana Reitberger & Harry Beck
The Michael Young Family Foundation

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